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The pottery Artantiga, of the brothers Carlos and Luís José Manuel Lourosa, is a company of a renewed generation of potters. Creative and dynamic, using ancient techniques in harmony with resources and means of today. In an increasingly competitive market seeking new approaches and styles. The perfection of finishes, shapes sophistication, originality of the pieces and the effort in their promotion, make your productions conquer a leading role in promoting tourism and economic center of the region.

History and Production of Black Clay

Located near the city of Tondela,the village Molelos is characterized by an ancient craft, the black pottery.Practices ancestors stands by its archaic method, the traditional method of cooking in a "soenga", placing the dish in a shallow pit dug in the ground.After being partially covered with pine wood and covered with clods was kindled the fire, letting it cook under the watchful eye of the craftsman. The characteristic of the black color of the clay is explained by boiling type reducer,consisting in smother the washer with earth in the final stages of cooking, preventing the entry of oxygen. Due to physical and chemical processes, the washer becomes completely black and partly sealed. Currently, the potteries of Molelos, wood stoves are used because they are more practical and functional. The quality and plasticity of clay used presently stimulated the creativity of the potters of the village, thus resulting in very unique decorative pieces, gifts in the homes of many Portuguese families and also abroad.